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Metaverse Make or Break Moment in 2023: Can It Change Our Lives?

Posted on 22. Februar 2023 in Allgemein

• Globant, a Luxembourg-based tech giant, has referred to the short-term future of the metaverse in its latest Tech Trends report.
• According to the company, 2023 is the year for the metaverse to “burn bright or burn out” as market needs practical applications.
• Companies like Meta have already invested billions of dollars in this field and will open doors for reduced costs and lower barriers to entry.

Tech Giant Believes Metaverse Will Make or Break in 2023

Globant, a Luxembourg-based tech giant with Argentine origins, has referred to the short-term future of the metaverse in its latest Tech Trends report. According to the company, this year the metaverse will „burn bright or burn out,“ as it needs to show its potential when compared to other trendsetting tech such as artificial intelligence.

What Is The Metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual world that functions similarly to our own physical world; it is made up of 3D digital environments which users can explore and navigate through digitally. It can be used for social interaction, gaming, shopping, entertainment and more.

Companies Investing In The Technology

Major players in the metaverse space such as Meta are pushing towards a viable product in 2023 which could open doors for reduced costs and lower barriers to entry allowing technology to reach more businesses and impact people’s lives worldwide.

Potential Impacts On People’s Lives

For Globant, technology behind the metaverse has potential of impacting people’s lives positively by acting as an enabler for various industries increasing usage of the metaverse for employee training, education and other activities where simulation can improve experiences.


The metaverse is still in its initial stages but according recent developments such implementation of VR headsets directed at mainstream audiences, significant progress has been achieved indicating mass adoption might be closer than we think.

Pay Your State Taxes with Crypto: Brazilians Now Have the Option

Posted on 14. Februar 2023 in Allgemein

• Banco do Brazil, a mixed ownership bank in Brazil, is launching the option of paying a set of taxes with cryptocurrencies.
• The bank is using the services of Bitfy, a cryptocurrency payments processor, as a bridge to complete these payments.
• Binance is also working to get a share of the crypto payments market in the country.

Cryptocurrency Payments Now Available for Brazilian Taxes

Banco do Brazil, a mixed ownership bank in Brazil, has announced that they will be offering the option of paying taxes with cryptocurrencies. This allows citizens to pay part of their state taxes with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitfy: Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

The bank is using the services of Bitfy – a Brazilian cryptocurrency startup – as their payment processor. This means that when tax payments are made using cryptocurrencies, it will automatically be converted into Brazilian reals and then transferred to government institutions. Bitfy also advertises its solution saying that it will bring more transparency and credibility to public processes by utilizing blockchain technology.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitfy has revealed which cryptocurrencies can be used for this purpose: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decentraland, Chainlink, Algorand, Solana Ripple , Polkadot Avalanche , Dash and Binance Coin . These must all be deposited onto an app wallet before being used for tax payments.

Binance Looking Into Crypto Payments Market

Binance is also looking into getting involved in providing crypto-based payment solutions in Brazil after recently sanctioning a cryptocurrency law which enables more financial activities within the country involving digital assets. They are currently working on expanding their reach when it comes to offering tax payment tools nationwide through agreements with governmental institutions.


This development is great news for those looking to use digital assets for everyday activities such as paying taxes; making it easier and more convenient than ever before!

Non-Fungible Token Sales Up 1.23%, Ethereum Dominates Market

Posted on 6. Februar 2023 in Allgemein


  • Non-fungible token (NFT) sales increased 1.23% to $232.49 million last week.
  • Ethereum accounted for 81% of total NFT sales with $188.51 million in settlements.
  • Otherdeed and Doodles saw the highest growth, increasing 44% to 58% from the previous week.

NFT Market Resilience

Non-fungible token (NFT) sales rose slightly last week, increasing 1.23% to $232.49 million in recorded sales. The top two NFT collections, Otherdeed and Doodles, saw growth of 44% to 58% compared to the previous week. Ethereum continues to dominate the NFT industry, accounting for more than 81% of total sales last week with $188.51 million in NFT sales. Additionally, 7-day NFT sales have seen an increase since February 2023, with a current tally of $39.72 million in recorded sales so far this month.

Top Blockchains

Of the total amount of NFTs sold over the past seven days, Ethereum had the most out of the 20 blockchain networks listed on cryptoslam.io—accounting for 81%, or approximately $188.51 million in settlements—followed by Solana ($27.40 million), Immutable X ($4.50 million), Cardano, Polygon, Flow, BNB Chain and Arbitrum respectively making up majority of the remaining market share at smaller percentages each; Fantom experienced a 73.81 percent surge but only reported $17K in actual settlement amounts overall during that time period..

Top Collections

The top NFT collection was Otherdeed with a 44-percent increase reaching a total sale amount of 17-million dollars followed by Doodles which experienced a 58-percent surge bringing it up to 13-million dollars; Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Checks VV Edition also made considerable movements as well throughout that time period..

Most Expensive Sales

The most expensive individual transactions were Bored Ape Yacht Club #8483 which was initially sold at 581k dollars then resold two days later for 490k dollars; Cryptopunk #2311 got snapped up at 511k dollars; Cryptopunk #9092 went out at 496k dollars while another BAYC (#8483) made its way into fourth place after being bought up at 420k dollars three days ago..

Highest Floor Value

The highest floor value on February 5th 2023 belonged to Cryptopunks with 6399 ether then followed closely by BAYC’s 635 ether spot price..