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Bitcoin Surges Above $25,000: Ethereum Consolidates in Volatile Market

Posted on 17. März 2023 in Allgemein

• Bitcoin (BTC) rose back above the $25,000 level in today’s session, as market volatility eased.
• Ethereum (ETH) on the other hand was mostly in the red, with prices falling back below the $1,700 mark.
• The 14-day relative strength index (RSI) for both BTC and ETH remain at key levels of resistance that could prevent a breakout to higher levels.

Bitcoin Moves Briefly Back Above $25,000

Bitcoin briefly moved back above the $25,000 level on Thursday as markets rebounded from a volatile session in the previous day. This followed an intervention from the Swiss National Bank which helped to settle global markets following potential collapse of Credit Suisse.

Ethereum Consolidates

Ethereum mostly consolidated during this session with prices falling back below the $1,700 mark reaching an intraday low of $1,616.63. This resulted in a break out of a key resistance point at $1,675 and further prevented any possible breakout to higher levels.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The 14-day relative strength index (RSI) for both Bitcoin and Ethereum remains at key points of resistance that could prevent any opportunity for a breakout to higher levels. In Bitcoin’s case this is currently tracking at 62.54 slightly below 65 whilst Ethereum’s RSI is currently 56.90 just below 60 which remains its main obstacle preventing it from climbing back up towards a recent high above $2600.


Overall Bitcoin is now trading 15% higher than it was last week and Ethereum also has seen some gains but remains well off its own recent high due to multiple obstacles that are preventing any breakout attempts for both cryptocurrencies being successful so far.


In conclusion this update provides an overview on how both Bitcoin and Ethereum have been performing recently with regards to their respective Relative Strength Index readings as well as how they have been trading over this past week compared to one another showing that while Bitcoin has had more success in terms of price performance since last week Ethereum still has room left before it too can reach similar heights again soon if investors continue to remain bullish on these two cryptocurrencies going forward into 2021 and beyond..

Russia and India Challenge Dollar Dominance in Oil Trade

Posted on 9. März 2023 in Allgemein

• India and Russia have started to settle oil deals in other currencies, putting the U.S. dollar’s dominance in the international oil trade under pressure.
• Sources have reported that the transactions between India and Russia amount to several hundred million dollars over the last three months.
• An economist at the U.S. State Department commented on these moves, saying they are only “transitory gains” that won’t have much effect on Western sanctions.

India-Russia Oil Deals Chip Away at Dollar Dominance in International Trade

Reuters reported that Western sanctions on Russia and oil trading between Moscow and India have started to erode the dollar’s decades-old dominance of international oil trade by settling oil deals in other currencies.

Transactions Amounting to Several Hundred Million Dollars

Oil traders and banking sources informed Reuters that Indian customers are paying for Russian oil entirely in non-U.S.-denominated fiat currencies, such as UAE dirhams, over the last three months accounting for “several hundred million dollars” in transactions between both countries.

BRICS Nations Undermining US Dollar

Analysts and economists from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (collectively known as BRICS nations) suggest that these countries are attempting to undermine the U.S dollar by settling more trades outside of it.

Short-Term Efforts with Transitory Gains

Former chief economist at the U.S State Department Daniel Ahn commented on these moves stating they are only short-term efforts with transitory gains that won’t affect western sanctions much: „Russia’s short-term efforts to try and sell things in return for currencies other than the dollar are not a real threat to Western sanctions,“ Ahn said in a statement

US Dollar Still Dominant

Ahn also added that despite this move away from using US dollars as currency for international trades, its strength is still unmatched: „The dollar’s strength is unmatched,“ he said

Fed Fights Inflation or Risk Complete Economic Collapse: Economist Peter Schiff

Posted on 1. März 2023 in Allgemein

• Economist Peter Schiff has warned that the Fed could be fighting a “complete economic collapse”.
• He stressed that now „we’re going to see accelerating inflation,“ as measured by government indexes.
• Schiff noted that higher interest rates alone won’t be enough, and both consumer credit and government spending need to be cut back.

Peter Schiff Warns of Potential Economic Collapse

Economist Peter Schiff has warned that the U.S. Federal Reserve may face something it fears even more than fighting inflation: a complete economic collapse, another financial crisis or a sovereign debt crisis. In an interview with Greg Hunter on the USAWatchdog show, published Saturday, he said recent economic data shows „we’re going to see accelerating inflation“ and that higher interest rates alone won’t be enough to tackle it.

Inflation on the Rise

Schiff highlighted that the personal consumption expenditures price index rose 0.6% in January, stressing that this shows „the months of declining inflation are in the review mirror.“ He asserted if the Fed is serious about fighting inflation, then it needs to fight harder than it already has; rates must go up significantly and consumer credit needs to contract with lending standards rising so consumers can’t keep spending.

Consumers Need to Stop Spending

The economist also stated people need to stop spending money and instead focus on working, producing and saving if they want prices of goods and services not to rise further due to money being injected into the economy from consumer credit.

Government Spending Needs To Be Cut Back

In addition, he emphasized that the federal government needs to get its own spending problem under control with significant cuts in order for true measures against inflation — such as higher interest rates –to work effectively without having their effects offset by excessive injection of money into circulation through government spending programs..

Fed May Throw in The Towel

Schiff predicted ultimately the Fed will throw in the towel on its fight against inflation as it faces something even more worrying — a complete economic collapse or financial crisis — forcing them back into quantitative easing measures which can cause further problems down the line for households and businesses alike.


Metaverse Make or Break Moment in 2023: Can It Change Our Lives?

Posted on 22. Februar 2023 in Allgemein

• Globant, a Luxembourg-based tech giant, has referred to the short-term future of the metaverse in its latest Tech Trends report.
• According to the company, 2023 is the year for the metaverse to “burn bright or burn out” as market needs practical applications.
• Companies like Meta have already invested billions of dollars in this field and will open doors for reduced costs and lower barriers to entry.

Tech Giant Believes Metaverse Will Make or Break in 2023

Globant, a Luxembourg-based tech giant with Argentine origins, has referred to the short-term future of the metaverse in its latest Tech Trends report. According to the company, this year the metaverse will „burn bright or burn out,“ as it needs to show its potential when compared to other trendsetting tech such as artificial intelligence.

What Is The Metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual world that functions similarly to our own physical world; it is made up of 3D digital environments which users can explore and navigate through digitally. It can be used for social interaction, gaming, shopping, entertainment and more.

Companies Investing In The Technology

Major players in the metaverse space such as Meta are pushing towards a viable product in 2023 which could open doors for reduced costs and lower barriers to entry allowing technology to reach more businesses and impact people’s lives worldwide.

Potential Impacts On People’s Lives

For Globant, technology behind the metaverse has potential of impacting people’s lives positively by acting as an enabler for various industries increasing usage of the metaverse for employee training, education and other activities where simulation can improve experiences.


The metaverse is still in its initial stages but according recent developments such implementation of VR headsets directed at mainstream audiences, significant progress has been achieved indicating mass adoption might be closer than we think.


Pay Your State Taxes with Crypto: Brazilians Now Have the Option

Posted on 14. Februar 2023 in Allgemein

• Banco do Brazil, a mixed ownership bank in Brazil, is launching the option of paying a set of taxes with cryptocurrencies.
• The bank is using the services of Bitfy, a cryptocurrency payments processor, as a bridge to complete these payments.
• Binance is also working to get a share of the crypto payments market in the country.

Cryptocurrency Payments Now Available for Brazilian Taxes

Banco do Brazil, a mixed ownership bank in Brazil, has announced that they will be offering the option of paying taxes with cryptocurrencies. This allows citizens to pay part of their state taxes with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitfy: Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

The bank is using the services of Bitfy – a Brazilian cryptocurrency startup – as their payment processor. This means that when tax payments are made using cryptocurrencies, it will automatically be converted into Brazilian reals and then transferred to government institutions. Bitfy also advertises its solution saying that it will bring more transparency and credibility to public processes by utilizing blockchain technology.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitfy has revealed which cryptocurrencies can be used for this purpose: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decentraland, Chainlink, Algorand, Solana Ripple , Polkadot Avalanche , Dash and Binance Coin . These must all be deposited onto an app wallet before being used for tax payments.

Binance Looking Into Crypto Payments Market

Binance is also looking into getting involved in providing crypto-based payment solutions in Brazil after recently sanctioning a cryptocurrency law which enables more financial activities within the country involving digital assets. They are currently working on expanding their reach when it comes to offering tax payment tools nationwide through agreements with governmental institutions.


This development is great news for those looking to use digital assets for everyday activities such as paying taxes; making it easier and more convenient than ever before!


Non-Fungible Token Sales Up 1.23%, Ethereum Dominates Market

Posted on 6. Februar 2023 in Allgemein


  • Non-fungible token (NFT) sales increased 1.23% to $232.49 million last week.
  • Ethereum accounted for 81% of total NFT sales with $188.51 million in settlements.
  • Otherdeed and Doodles saw the highest growth, increasing 44% to 58% from the previous week.

NFT Market Resilience

Non-fungible token (NFT) sales rose slightly last week, increasing 1.23% to $232.49 million in recorded sales. The top two NFT collections, Otherdeed and Doodles, saw growth of 44% to 58% compared to the previous week. Ethereum continues to dominate the NFT industry, accounting for more than 81% of total sales last week with $188.51 million in NFT sales. Additionally, 7-day NFT sales have seen an increase since February 2023, with a current tally of $39.72 million in recorded sales so far this month.

Top Blockchains

Of the total amount of NFTs sold over the past seven days, Ethereum had the most out of the 20 blockchain networks listed on cryptoslam.io—accounting for 81%, or approximately $188.51 million in settlements—followed by Solana ($27.40 million), Immutable X ($4.50 million), Cardano, Polygon, Flow, BNB Chain and Arbitrum respectively making up majority of the remaining market share at smaller percentages each; Fantom experienced a 73.81 percent surge but only reported $17K in actual settlement amounts overall during that time period..

Top Collections

The top NFT collection was Otherdeed with a 44-percent increase reaching a total sale amount of 17-million dollars followed by Doodles which experienced a 58-percent surge bringing it up to 13-million dollars; Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Checks VV Edition also made considerable movements as well throughout that time period..

Most Expensive Sales

The most expensive individual transactions were Bored Ape Yacht Club #8483 which was initially sold at 581k dollars then resold two days later for 490k dollars; Cryptopunk #2311 got snapped up at 511k dollars; Cryptopunk #9092 went out at 496k dollars while another BAYC (#8483) made its way into fourth place after being bought up at 420k dollars three days ago..

Highest Floor Value

The highest floor value on February 5th 2023 belonged to Cryptopunks with 6399 ether then followed closely by BAYC’s 635 ether spot price..


New York State to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments, Including Bitcoin

Posted on 29. Januar 2023 in Allgemein

• A bill has been introduced in the state of New York that would allow state agencies to accept cryptocurrency payments, including bitcoin, ether, litecoin, and bitcoin cash.
• The legislation proposes allowing crypto to be used as „a means of payment of fines, civil penalties, rent, rates, taxes, fees, charges,“ and more.
• New York State Assembly member Clyde Vanel introduced the bill, which has been referred to the New York State Assembly Committee on Government Operations.

The U.S. state of New York is considering a bill that would authorize state agencies to accept cryptocurrency payments, including bitcoin, ether, litecoin, and bitcoin cash. Assembly Bill A2532, introduced by New York State Assembly member Clyde Vanel this week, proposes allowing crypto to be used as „a means of payment of fines, civil penalties, rent, rates, taxes, fees, charges,“ and more.

The bill, which has been referred to the New York State Assembly Committee on Government Operations, seeks to amend New York’s state finance law by adding „cryptocurrency as a form of payment.“ The legislation defines cryptocurrency as „any form of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank including but not limited to, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash.“

If the bill passes, it would authorize state agencies to enter into agreements with individuals or entities to accept cryptocurrency payments for fines, civil penalties, rent, rates, taxes, fees, charges, revenue, financial obligations or other amounts, including penalties, special assessments and interest, owed to state agencies.

The bill comes at a time when cryptocurrency has been gaining more traction and acceptance in a variety of industries. This includes the use of cryptocurrency in the travel industry, with companies such as Expedia, CheapAir, and AirBaltic all accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The potential of cryptocurrency to revolutionize the financial industry has also been recognized by a number of major companies, such as Microsoft, which now accept cryptocurrency payments. If the bill passes, it would mark a major step forward for cryptocurrency, as the state of New York would be among the first to accept the digital currency as a form of payment.


Bankman-Fried Seeks Removal of Bail Restrictions on Crypto Transfers

Posted on 29. Januar 2023 in Allgemein

• Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder of FTX, is seeking the removal of bail restrictions on crypto asset transfers that have been imposed by Judge Lewis Kaplan.
• Bankman-Fried’s attorney, Mark Cohen, argues that the existing bail conditions are unfair and should be removed.
• Cohen requests that the court remove two additions to Bankman-Fried’s bail conditions that prohibit him from speaking with certain individuals.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced co-founder of FTX, is seeking the removal of bail restrictions on crypto asset transfers that have been imposed by Judge Lewis Kaplan. Bankman-Fried was indicted by a federal grand jury in Manhattan and faces eight charges, including wire fraud, commodities fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, and campaign finance violations. He was released on bail, with certain conditions attached that limit his access to crypto assets.

Bankman-Fried’s attorney, Mark Cohen, has argued that the existing bail conditions are unfair and should be removed. In a letter to the Southern District of New York (SDNY) judge Lewis Kaplan, Cohen requested that “two additions” be removed from Bankman-Fried’s bail conditions. The first addition prohibits Bankman-Fried from speaking with Caroline Ellison, Gary Wang, Nishad Singh, two redacted witnesses, and George Lerner (Bankman-Fried’s therapist). Cohen insists that the bail condition is “overbroad” and that Bankman-Fried’s intentions to contact these individuals are attempts to offer assistance in FTX’s bankruptcy process.

The second addition to Bankman-Fried’s bail conditions that Cohen requests be removed is the restriction on Bankman-Fried’s access to crypto assets associated with FTX and Alameda Research. Cohen argues that Bankman-Fried needs access to these assets in order to assist in the bankruptcy proceedings of FTX, and that the restriction is unnecessary. He also claims that the restriction does not prevent Bankman-Fried from committing further violations, as Bankman-Fried is not in a position to do so.

It remains to be seen whether Judge Kaplan will agree to Cohen’s request and remove the bail restrictions on Bankman-Fried’s crypto asset transfers. If the Judge does agree, it could have a significant impact on the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings of FTX, as well as Bankman-Fried’s ability to assist in those proceedings.


Ransomware Revenue Drops 40% in 2022: Chainalysis Report

Posted on 22. Januar 2023 in Allgemein

• Chainalysis reported that the revenue from ransomware attacks has decreased significantly in 2022, from $765.6 million to $456.8 million.
• The decline is largely attributed to more of the targeted organizations refusing to pay the perpetrators.
• Chainalysis also highlights a sizable increase in unique ransomware strains in 2022, but the majority of the ransomware revenue still goes to a limited group of strains.

According to a recent report from blockchain forensics firm Chainalysis, the revenue from ransomware attacks has dropped significantly in 2022. The estimated amount is down from $765.6 million the year before, to just $456.8 million. This is a decrease of over 40.3%, despite the fact that the number of ransomware hits may not have decreased significantly.

Chainalysis suggests that the decline is largely due to more of the targeted organizations refusing to pay the demanded ransoms. This indicates that many organizations are now aware of the dangers of ransomware, and are taking proactive steps to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by criminals.

At the same time, the researchers also noted a sizable increase in the number of unique ransomware strains in 2022. However, the majority of the ransomware revenue still goes to a limited group of strains, which suggests that the actual number of individuals who make up the ransomware ecosystem is small.

This decrease in ransomware revenue is good news for organizations, as it suggests that their investments in cybersecurity measures are having an effect. However, it is important to remember that ransomware attacks are still a major threat, and organizations must remain vigilant in order to ensure that they are not targeted by criminals.

The report from Chainalysis is a reminder that organizations must stay up to date with the latest security measures in order to protect themselves from potential ransomware attacks. Organizations should also be aware of the latest trends in ransomware, and take steps to ensure that they are not targeted by criminals. By doing so, organizations can minimize the risk of becoming a victim of a ransomware attack, and ensure that their data remains safe.


Crypto Rally: Bitcoin and Ethereum Surge to Two-Month Highs!

Posted on 14. Januar 2023 in Allgemein

• Bitcoin (BTC) rallied to a two-month high earlier in today’s session, as prices climbed above the $19,000 mark
• Ethereum (ETH) also significantly rose on Friday, with price moving above the $1,400 mark
• Prices of ETH are now deep in overbought territory, with the RSI index tracking at a level of 75.54

The world of cryptocurrency was abuzz today as Bitcoin and Ethereum surged to two-month highs. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) both broke through their respective resistance levels, with BTC shooting up past the $19,000 mark and ETH reaching $1,400.

The latest surge in prices came as traders continued to react to Wednesday’s U.S. inflation report, which dropped to 6.5%. This sparked a wave of enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency world, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the charge. Bitcoin began the day trading at a low of $17,995.20 before quickly rising up to a peak of $19,031.80, a two-month high. This rally was further bolstered by the 14-day relative strength index (RSI), which hit a peak of 82.00, its highest mark in over a year.

Ethereum also rose today, hitting a fresh multi-month high of $1,432.28. This jump followed a low of $1,378.42 the previous day, and marked the highest point for ETH since November 8 when it hit a high of $1,580. Moving forward, investors will be watching the RSI index for Ethereum, which is currently deep in overbought territory, sitting at a level of 75.54.

All in all, it was a positive day for cryptocurrency with Bitcoin and Ethereum both making significant gains. While the bullish momentum could continue, it is important to remember that prices are now well beyond overbought, so bears could be lurking and preparing for reentry.